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        Jealousy, the one thing we all face in our photography career, but no body wants to talk about it. Yeah it’s ugly. What it does to you and your work can be even worse. The photography industry can be a dog eat dog kind of world. Even beyond that. It’s so easy to scroll through your Facebook feed and see all these other photographers. All of a sudden it feels like everyone is doing these amazing things. Everyone but you. Then you start sinking. Your drowning in the thoughts of why don’t my images look this way? No one will ever hire me to shoot in Rome… Stop. Stop right now.

        The Surface

        Facebook and Instagram followers do not define how good you are. Other creatives don’t define how good you are! How boring would this industry be if we all had images that looked just alike? So stop comparing yourself to others. Own your style. If you want to compare yourself to someone compare yourself to the photographer you where last year. Put two images side by side and look at your own growth. It’s human nature, we are hard wired to never be satisfied. Take a moment to realize we are all human and that person you are idolizing is jealous of someone else.


        Disconnect a little bit when you start feeling like you are not good enough. UN-follow a few groups. Whatever it takes to get away from the jealousy. Start a personal project. Design a styled shoot or just do a fun 7 day challenge to get you thinking outside of the box. Give yourself the gift of learning something new. Encouragement has to come from within. Know you are good enough and that we all started somewhere. This post doesn’t mean that I am immune from being jealous from other photographers and people. There are many photographers far more popular than I am, have more expensive equipment, and even more freedom than I do. This is so you remember to be grateful for how blessed and talented you are. You are amazing!



        Great post! Thank you for sharing, definitely some good advice. We are our own worst critic.

        This is a wonderful message; one I have learned the hard way and try to remind others! You can wear yourself out chasing the wrong things… turn towards things that uplift you. Thanks for your post!

        What a great post! Sometimes it’s really hard to deal with jealousy. Sometimes it’s just this knee jerk thing that happens. Someone told me once “there is no joy in comparison” and it really stuck with me.

        I need to bookmark this to read it Everytime I get down. Thanks so much for taking on a subject that creatives tend to gloss over.

        I have been thinking this same thing for a while! God made each of us unique. I may look at others and wish I could do something like that but I have to realize I’m unique as well. We have to lift each other up and not down.

        I loved this. Something I needed to hear this morning. Thank you for your advice!

        I ♡ this and you! So true! So glad I met you and can call you friend! ♡!

        Thanks! I am so happy we met too! <3

        Sarah–Great post! I think we all feel this way at some point. There are many highs and lows on this journey but it’s helps to have supportive fellow photographers around us!

        I agree so many ups and downs. You have been a huge inspiration to be and many others as well Shana!

        Sweet Sarah – so proud for you and your are being such an inspiration to many. Love your new website.

        Thank you so much Julia! 😀