Starting a Photography Business

Business Help

Are you looking to officially start your photography business? Feeling lost? I can help! I'll go over what you need to do to legally establish your business, giving you concrete steps to help you get started jumping through those paperwork hoops.

Already have your business set up, but need a little more help in other areas? We can talk about branding, pricing, marketing- basically, we'll take a look at how your business can be better, and make both short and long-term goal lists to take you through the next few years.

Two Hours - Online or In Person


Camera 101

Learning Your Camera

Requirements: DLSR + len(s)

This class is for beginners who would like to get their camera out of Auto mode and take control of their images! We'll discuss basic composition, WB, exposure, and how to control and make use of natural light.

One Hour - In Person or Online


Shooting a Session 101

Posing and Photographing Clients

Requirements: DLSR + len(s)

This class takes you along on a shoot, from start to finish. I show how I interact with clients, get them to relax, and pose naturally. We'll cover specific shooting techniques, including advanced focusing, composition, WB, exposure, etc. (This class is for those who are already somewhat comfortable with shooting in manual.)

Three Hours - In Person


Culling / Editing 101

Establishing a Consistent Editing Workflow

Requirements: Computer Optional

After a shoot, the work is just getting started! :) I'll take you with me as I cull and edit a shoot from start to finish in LR, and PS. You are welcome to bring your computer (I can supply a monitor) or your laptop so that you can follow along and edit with me!

Three Hours - In Person or Online

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