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        Your Engaged! Congratulations! I’m sure you’ve shared the news with all of your friends and family. Now the fun starts, you get to plan your wedding day. A lot of couples go through a period of uncertainty about what to do first or where to start. I’ve put together a list of 10 things to do after you get engaged to get you started on the right track. Let’s get started!

        1. Celebrate

        This is a truly amazing time in your lives. Spend it with your friends and family celebrating. Everything you have done together leading up to this point has set this in motion, take some time to reflect on your love story.

        2. Open a Joint Bank Account

        Now is a great time to start saving for unexpected wedding related expenses as well as your honeymoon. Putting back a little extra cushion is something you will be very glad you did in the future.

        3. Start Pinning and Make a Inspiration Board

        If your as Pinterest addicted as I am you may have created a dream wedding board years ago. Create a new board and time some time narrowing down the things you really want. Now is a great time to get inspiration for great colors, styles, and options. Having a inspiration board will help you make consistent decisions on your wedding plans.

        4. Select a Season

        Now that you have a inspiration board, it’s probably pretty clear to you what season you want to get married in. Review the images you have collected and think about what season they go with best. Then set a date!

        5. Research Venues

        The very next think you will need on your list is a Venue. It’s important to find the right venue for your wedding and secure the date because weddings book up fast. A lot of time they are booked a year in advance. Narrow down your list by style and budget and set up some tours.

        6. Schedule a Ladies Day and Try on Dresses

        One of the most excited parts of getting married is picking out your dress. Decide on a day and coordinate with your bridal party to go with you. Trying on a bunch of gorgeous gowns is a great stress reliever.

        7. Book Your Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer

        The next thing you need to do is book your wedding photographer and cinematographer. These are another two vendors that will book up quickly. So if you want first choice of vendors book as quickly as possible. You will want to meet them in person or via Skype. Also, review their portfolios. Once the wedding is over, these two things will be the most important to you.

        8. Have a Date Night

        During the middle of all the chaos don’t forget to make time for each other and relax. Talk about anything EXCEPT the wedding planning. Enjoy each other.

        9. Book Caterer, Florist, and DJ

        If your venue doesn’t provide a caterer you will want to select one that can provide the experience you are looking for. Check reviews of past clients and go taste test for yourself. Select a florist to create all your big beautiful Pinterest dreams and a DJ to keep you jamming. If your not sure where to start finding these vendors you can always ask your photographer for there recommendations.

        10. Relax!

        Once all the big ticket items are marked off of your checklist it will be smooth sailing.

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